I recently reviewed my new Living Well Planner and the CRUSH IT goal planning system over on my mommy blog (check it out here! 😉) and they have both absolutely changed my my life since I first started using them. In addition to planning my everyday life as a busy stay at home mom and housewife, I’m also using my planner and the CRUSH IT system to set goals for my blog.

This is just a short and sweet post to show you exactly how I’m doing it.

Ruth Soukup created the Crushing It Mini Course to go along with The Living Well Planner. In this 4 video series, delivered to your inbox daily, Ruth presents her revolutionary goal “crushing” system, CRUSH IT. After having a lot of success using this in my daily personal life, I have now taken this system and started applying it to the goals I have for my blog.

Each month in the planner has one CRUSH IT worksheet to guide you through the process and I wanted to keep that one reserved for my personal goals. Instead, for my blog goals each week I use lined 4x 6 post-its to map out how to CRUSH my blog goals.

I wrote out the meaning of the anagram on one of the post-its so I could reference it easily. Then I write out CRUSH IT, one letter on each line (for some of them I skip a line to leave me more room to write). I complete the CRUSH IT process for the goal. In my Living Well Planner time block I just write “blog” for the time I’m setting aside to work on my blog. To keep track exactly what I’ll do each day, I make another post-it with the days of the week labeled on each line. Below, I usually list the blog posts or whatever else I’m working on that week.

And that’s basically it! I keep all of the Post-its kind of filed together so if I want to reference one of them I can quickly find it. I’m much more efficient in my blogging now that I have a system for keeping track of my goals and how exactly I will CRUSH IT.

What’s one blogging goal you wish you could CRUSH this month?

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