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Everyone has a different story for why and how they started blogging. For me, I hate to admit it but I was really just following a trend. I knew so many people who had journal type blogs and I wanted to jump on board. Quickly I discovered this whole other world. It’s so much more than a public journal or a trend. Now there is so much I love about blogging. It has changed my life.

I have been blogging on and off for a few years now. This last year is the most consistent I have ever been in my blogging journey. Blogging has taught me so much and brought so much value to my life. Even through the hard times (site crashes, low stats, and critics, oh my!) I cherish the journey and look back fondly on every step of the way. It really was fun to reminisce about the last few years to compile this list of the things I love about blogging.

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7 Things I Love About Blogging

Connection – Through blogging I have connected with so many people. I have a network of mentors, peers, friends, and readers. All of these people are now so important to me, and I have never even met them in person! My mentors teach me so much. Every post, email, ebook, or course carries so much valuable information. My peers and friends that have been with me through this journey, to bounce ideas off of or to help each other share content, they are invaluable. Last but not least, my readers, because I wouldn’t be blogging if no one read it – then it really would just be a journal! As I see my stats climb, I know my readers are enjoying what I am putting out there.

Income – I’ll be honest, I’m not making millions from blogging. I’m not even making a part time income. But I have big goals and big dreams. I’ve heard the stories from my mentors and peers in the blogging community. I know I can do it too!

Creative Outlet – I have always loved writing. Blogging has given me an opportunity to write, and as a lifestyle blogger, I get to write about the things I value most in life. Blogging has also presented other creative opportunities. I enjoy taking photos, making graphics, and even creating new promotional strategies to try.

Continued Learning – Blogging and internet marketing as a whole is constantly changing and growing. There are always new things to learn and try. It has been so good for my mom brain to stretch and grow as I take in new information every day. I also love teaching other bloggers or potential bloggers the things I have learned!

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Purpose, fulfillment, achievement – When I complete a blog post, a batch of graphics, or a new email to send my readers, I get a unique sense of pride and achievement. Even if I just spend 20 minutes one day on my blog, I feel like I’m moving forward and accomplishing something other than my daily mom/wife duties. Not only that, but I feel like I’m presenting valuable content to other mothers, wives, and people all over the world.

Structure – Because of blogging, I have had to get creative and carve out time in my daily life to work on my blog. Most mornings I get up a few hours before the kids to complete my morning routine then spend an hour or two working on my blog. Having this sense of structure has changed me from a frazzled, disorganized mom into a mom who knows what each day looks like before it starts. I plan my time effectively and easily now. Yes, I have days where my kids are bouncing off the wall or fighting all day and nothing goes as planned. But most of my days run very smoothly and I’m able to get everything done.

Me Time – Before blogging I never cut out time in my day to day life for myself. Now not only do I make time to write and complete my other blogging tasks, but because of the structure it has brought to my life I’m also able to cut out time exercise, write in my journal, paint my nails, and so much more.

I really could talk all day long about blogging and why I love it. It has become a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t be who I am without it. Are you a blogger? What do you love most about blogging?

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